ethnomusicologist, musician & dancer


dance groups

2008 - present Perree T (dance)

2008 - present Perree Bane (dance)

1992 - 2005 Ny Fennee (dance)

ceili caller

Cinzia spent many weekends between 2004 and 2007 calling ceilis for Manx and Celtic group King Chiaullee. Including weddings, corporate events, birthdays and celtic gatherings. Although predominantly focussing on Manx dances, Cinzia has a vast repertoire of Irish, Scottish and Cornish dances, as well as some she has composed/adapted herself.


dance workshops

As part of Cinzia's emloyment with the Manx Heritage Foundation, she was called upon to conduct frequent workshops with children and adults of all ages. From an early age Cinzia taught dancing to member of Ny Fennee, her first group, and also to the children of Albert Road School and the Ramsey Grammar School folk group Paitchyn Vannin. She has also run dance workshops for adults at interceltic events across the Celtic world and north america. If you would be interested in a dance workshop, Manx or celtic, please feel free to contact her.

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